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The small family business expanded by the technologically advanced devices but at the same time it remained a traditionally oriented business awarded with the international certificate of ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP for the production IQ net. packaging and distribution of salt products. 
Nowadays it produces 15 tons / hour and exports to over 15 countries worldwide. Major countries nowadays include Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Romania etc.




In the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, during the first half of the twentieth century salt expeditions were covered from 

Larnaca’s only solar salt work and catered for the local needs. Grandfather Paraskevas was working at the production site every summer.
A great part of the local community of Larnaca was involved in the collection and merchandising of salt, which was often stimulating for the growth of the city. Grandfather Paraskevas, was in charge of storing the salt in Larnaca’s salt work. In 1967 he came up with the idea of buying some quantities of salt, grinding, packaging and selling them. In this way he could work all year round.

He creates a small workshop in Stoa of Agios Lazaros and starts making one ton of salt every eight hours. His son Michalakis has the idea of expanding the small workshop into a small business, so in 1979 he rented a factory in the industrial area of Aradippou in Larnaca. By 1982 he has finally managed to start business with only three workers by his side. In two years time the factory was producing one ton of salt per hour. In 1986 the Cyprus government stopped the functions of Larnaca’s saltwork and the local merchants begun importing salt from abroad.

In 1993 Theodorou salt industry was the only salt factory still continuing its works and through new contemporary technology even increased its production. In 2001 the Flakes unit was created when Paraskevas’ grandson, Paraskevas the junior, got involved in the business. He realised people’s need in returning to nature and therefore, he started producing totally natural products. The small family business expanded by the technologically advanced devices but at the same time it remained a
traditionally oriented business awarded with the international certificates of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP for the production, packaging and distribution of salt products.




Paraskevas Theodorou |

Mr Paraskevas Theodorou is the CEO of M.P.Theodorou Salt Industry & Co Ltd. Following the steps of his father and grand father, he has been important in transforming the sea salt products he is producing into a trend instead of a necessity not only in the local market but also worldwide.
He holds the senior role within the company and his passion for his work has helped him to expand rapidly over the past years to establish a group of companies, who’s main aspect is salt.

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George Iacovou |
General Manager

As the ​ director of Creativity and Marketing, Mr George Iacovou is the key contributor to each and every element of the process that results in the final successful outcomes of all projects. He encourages innovative thinking throughout the corporation and oversees the overall marketing direction​.
He is ultimately responsible for the advertising, branding and promotions for the company and also oversees all matters concerning exports

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Key Personnel

Petros Americanos
GM, Sales Exports Market
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Christodoulos Christodoulides
Cyprus market & order processing
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